About “The Great Russia Experiment”

This website is dedicated to my experiences and knowledge of Russia.  Here you will find a variety of my writings about my life in Russia, book reviews from some of my favorite readings, and business case studies that I have collected or written.

The essays about my life in Russia will reflect some of my most heartfelt memories, explanations of the culture, and examinations of politics.  Bit by bit, I’m adding to my collection of works, so patience is appreciated.  Russia is very personal to me, both the good and the bad, so be ready for anything.  My goal is to help non-Russians understand the country better and for Russians to see what a non-Russian thinks about their Motherland.

My book reviews come from my extensive readings about Russia and the Soviet Union.  Most likely, the book titles will not have been on The New York Times bestseller list.  I prefer to read more obscure books that focus on less-known historical figures or very specific topics that give a rare glimpse at a common topic.  If the book was printed in the 1920′s or 1930′s and has that crusty book smell, it’s a potential jewel for my collection.  There are already enough reviews of the most famous books, so I thought I would tread on the less-beaten path.  I’m not a professional book reviewer.  I’m learning as I go.  Feel free to offer any feedback you wish.  I’m open to advice about my writing as well as welcome discussion about the topics I cover.  Further book recommendations would be especially appreciated.

As for business case studies, I’m very much interested in how companies, both foreign and domestic, manage to build their presence in Russia.  This collection will take time to grow, so bear with me.  I am currently writing a case study of my experiences starting up a Marketing Center for Intel Corporation in Nizhny Novgorod.  Meanwhile, I will be posting two case studies about Russian companies.  I hope you find them interesting and educational.

About Me

My name is Dave Molinari and I’m an American born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  In 2002, I visited Russia and an endless fascination was born.  In three vacations to Russia, I managed to take the Trans-Siberian Railway across the entire country, trudge through Moscow and St. Petersburg extensively, and even make a pilgrimage to Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) to see the memorial and museum dedicated to the famous Battle of Stalingrad.

During these visits, a strange idea came over me to actually work in Russia on a foreign assignment.  As an employee of Intel Corporation, the opportunity came and I was transferred to our office in Nizhny Novgorod.  The stint lasted 5 years, enough to fill me with stories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

My Russia days are over for the time being, but my fascination has not died.  I continue to read voraciously about Russia and the Soviet Union and hope that some day, even the dimmest of lights will shine within my mind about one of the biggest mysteries on earth.

As an addendum, these are the topics of most interest to me:

  • The Russian Revolution.
  • The build up of the Soviet Union and Communism worldwide in the 20′s and 30′s.
  • The Russian Soul.
  • Contemporary Russian politics.
  • Doing business in Russia.
  • 19th century Russian literature.


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